Italian symphonic metal band Aqvilea received a long series of prizes for the video clip A Day Before the Wolf, awarded at numerous international film and music festivals in Europe and the United States.

Third single from the debut album Beyond the Elysian Fields, published and distributed by the Saturnia Records label and produced in Gothenburg by the historic pioneer of melodic metal Fredrik Nordström, the song A Day Before the Wolf is accompanied by an evocative video made with the use of the most recent Virtual Production technologies, which have made it possible to reconstruct virtual environments with impressive realism: “a work that definitively paves the way for our concept of cinematic”, that is the fusion of music and cinema. An aspect that is closely linked to our orchestral compositions, on which we have insisted from the beginning and on which we will certainly continue to focus in the future” commented the founder of the band Pier Lando Baldinelli.

Released on November 20, 2021, A Day Before the Wolf made its debut at the Rome Prisma Film Awards, where it was included in the “Official Selection” of December, while in January it received three laurels at the Rome Music Video Awards, in the categories “Best Costume ”and“ Best Makeup ”in addition to the special mention as“ Best Rock Music Video”. He later obtained two other important victories at the HIIFF – Heart International Italian Film Festival in Bologna in the categories “Best Emerging Band” and “Best Photography”. In the first days of February, the first overseas victories arrived: two prizes at the International Sound Future Awards in New York, again in the “Best Costume” category and a second special mention by the jury as “Best Rock Music Video”. Also awarded in Košice, Slovakia, at the Euro Music Video Song Awards with another special mention as “Best Rock Music Video”. Finally, the video was presented at two festivals in Sweden, ranking among the finalists at the Luleå International Film Festival and obtaining another victory in the “Best Music Video” category at the Boden International Film Festival, an award that guarantees a further screening of the video. at the annual event to be held in the Swedish city in September. A Day Before the Wolf is currently in competition at other film and music festivals that will take place in the coming months in Europe and the United States.

Made by director Simone Vrech (author of the last two Rhapsody of Fire videos as well as the award-winning historical docufilm Langobardi) based on an idea by Pier Lando Baldinelli and a screenplay by Stella Marega, A Day Before the Wolf was shot in part in the woods of the Collio Goriziano and partly in the Base2 Video Factory film studio in Gorizia, with the participation of historical reenactors from Friuli Venezia Giulia and Lazio. However, the recent awards reward teamwork, which also involves the talent of make-up artists, costume designers, camera operators and production assistants.

Aqvilea (Cae Lys Pier Lando Baldinelli, Franz Lugnan and Simone Santacà) are currently working on the second album.

A Day Before the Wolf is available in streaming and HQ download on all digital platforms and in the album Beyond the Elysian Fields, which can be purchased in jewel box CD format at

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Aqvilea: the new video “A Day Before the Wolf”

One year after the release of their debut album Beyond the Elysian Fields, published and distributed by Saturnia Records and produced by Fredrik Nordström, the symphonic metal band Aqvilea presents the new video A Day Before the Wolf.

The founder of the band, Pier Lando Baldinelli, comments:

“The song is one of the most melodic of the entire album, and one of the pieces to which I personally am most attached. The day before the wolf is the crucial moment in which Fate is about to be fulfilled: in ancient Rome, Fate was an irrevocable decision taken by the gods, it was not possible to oppose it. The video stages this conflict between the inevitability of the destiny already written and the human faculty to recognize it, and to face it with confidence and courage.
Compared to our first video Aquae Sextiae we have made a great technological leap: A Day Before the Wolf was created thanks to brand new Virtual Production tools that allowed us to reconstruct virtual environments and immerse ourselves in them with incredible realism.
For us it is the realization of a dream, first of all because we have always believed this song deserved a video at its height, but even just a year ago it would not have been possible to obtain the same result, secondly because this work definitively opens the way to our concept of “cinematic”, that is the fusion of music and cinema. An aspect that is closely linked to our orchestral compositions, on which we have insisted from the beginning and on which we will certainly continue to focus in the future.”

Alongside Pier Lando Baldinelli and the lyric soprano front-woman Cae Lys, two new members of the lineup participate in the video: the guitarist Franz Lugnan and the drummer Simone Santacà. The band is already working on the next album.

The release was anticipated by a mini-teaser published a few days ago on the band’s social networks and described as “an intertwining of mystery, magic and destiny that give life to an exciting and majestic cinematic tale“.

Watch the teaser:

Made by movie director Simone Vrech, author of the multiple award-winning historical docufilm Langobardi and the new video clip Chains of Destiny by Rhapsody of Fire, A Day Before the Wolf was shot in three days partly outdoors on the heights of Gorizia and partly at the Base 2 Video Factory film studio.

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A Day Before the Wolf is available in streaming and HQ download on all digital platforms and in the album Beyond the Elysian Fields, available at:



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BLOODY NEWS ONLINE FEST: Insane Summer Gathering 2021

Bloody News Metal Webzine and GlobMetal Promotions are proudly presenting the third edition of their “Bloody News Online Fest: Insane Summer Gathering 2021”.

After spending so much time in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic all over the world and now when we are finally starting to see the end in this horror movie, we decided that the best way to handle the situation is to bring back the Metal shows – and there is no better way in this time to do it than making a big online streaming Metal Fest.

This festival will be happening on 27-28 August 2021 and will be available for free streaming on the Bloody News Website. Further details on the Facebook event page.


August 27 ��

Soulbound // Dark Industrial / Gothic Metal // Germany ����

Anna KiaRa // Symphonic Metal // Russia ����

Six Foot Six // Melodic Heavy Metal // Sweden ����

PitchBlack // Death Metal // Denmark ����

High $tatus // Hardcore / Trap // Romania ����

AquileA // Cinematic Symphonic Metal // Italy ����

Psycho Visions // Melodic Death Metal // Poland ����

Passengers in Panic // Folk / Progressive Metal // Greece ����

August 28 ��

Obsolete Theory // Blackened Death Metal // Italy ����

STORTREGN // Technical Death / Black Metal // Switzerland ����

Vessel // Heavy Metal // Israel ����

X-Method // Thrash Metal / Hardcore Punk // USA ����

Mysterizer // Heavy Metal // Finland ����

King Baal // Symphonic Doom / Heavy Metal // Portugal ����

EAGON // Symphonic / Progressive Metal // Italy ����

Everlust // Gothic Rock / Melodic Metal // Latvia ����

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Out today, Friday 20 November 2020, Beyond the Elysian Fields, the debut album of the Italian symphonic metal band Aqvilea.

Recorded between Italy and Sweden and produced by Fredrik Nordström (Arch Enemy, Bring me the Horizon, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, Myrath, and more), the full lenght is announced by the band as “the greatest Symphonic Metal Opera of the Year” and promises to be a must-have for all the symphonic-, melodic death- and gothic-metal lovers.

The album is now available in CD, streaming and digital download in all the main online stores.

  • 01 – 573 A.U.C. – 00:49
  • 02 – Aeterna – 05:28
  • 03 – Bridges to Liberty – 03:10
  • 04 – Morpheus Valley –  03:40
  • 05 – Flight of the Eagle – 02:55
  • 06 – Legacy of Memories – 04:24
  • 07 – Alessandria – 03:55
  • 08 – Mediolanum Swamps – 02:56
  • 09 – Aquae Sextiae – 03:18
  • 10 – Mother Earth Time – 03:42
  • 11 – Back to the Bridge – 00:49
  • 12 – A Day Before the Wolf – 03:01
  • 13 – XIII – 03:16
  • 14 – Beyond the Elysian Fields – 04:32

All the info on:


The Italian metal band AqvileA announces the release of the first studio full lenght Beyond the Elysian Fields (available in CD, streaming and digital download) on November, 20, 2020.

“Cinematic Symphonic Metal Opera”: these are the words that the band use to define their passionate and ambitious musical project, based on the creative and compositional work of Pier Lando Baldinelli. The debut album Beyond the Elysian Fields, indeed, is meant to be a manifesto of cinematic symphonic metal, an explosion of vocal and instrumental power that blends into the glorious background of a sublime orchestra. The promise is to live an epic and unforgettable adventure through the pages of History: from the navigation towards the port of Alexandria of Egypt to the march through Mediolanum swamps, from the crossing of the inaccessible Alpine passes to the bloody and tragic battle of Aquae Sextiae. A choral fantasy-historical romance set at the dawn of a new civilization, dedicated to the brotherhood of populations and to the eternity of human passions – beyond the Elysian fields.

The full lenght was recorded between Italy and Sweden and produced by Fredrik Nordström, leading figure in the “Gothenburg style”, guitarist and founder of Dream Evil and known for having produced historical albums by renowned groups such as: At the Gates, Arch Enemy, Bring me the Horizon, Dark Tranquility, Dimmu Borgir, Hammerfall, In Flames, Opeth, and more.

This album perfectly represents my idea of Cinematic Symphonic Metal“, says Pier Lando Baldinelli, mastermind of the band, “it encompasses all the elements that gave life to Aqvilea: the solemnity of the symphonic orchestra, the beauty of the lyric singing, the movie soundtracks epicness, the mix of history and fantasy, and of course the most powerful and glorious metal music we could have played.


01 573 A.U.C.

02 Aeterna

03 Bridges to Liberty

04 Morpheus Valley

05 The Flight of the Eagle

06 Legacy of Memories

07 Alessandria

08 Mediolanum Swamps

09 Aquae Sextiae

10 Mother Earth Time

11 Back to the Bridge

12 A Day Before the Wolf


14 Beyond the Elysian Fields


Pier lando baldinelli: orchestra performing, bass guitar/drum scores/vocals

Alessio Tolloi: seven strings rhythmic guitar/guitar solos

Cae Lys: lead vocals/soprano vocals/back vocals

The album is available for pre-orders on:



Saturnia Records announces the upcoming release of AqvileaBeyond the Elysian Fields.

Aqvilea first studio full lenght Beyond the Elysian Fields will be released via Saturnia Records on 20 November 2020. The album, conceived, composed and arranged by Pier Lando Baldinelli and produced by Fredrik Nordström (Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, Opeth, Bring Me the Horizon e altri) will be available in CD and digital download.

The album contains 14 tracks for a total run of 45:55.

Aqvilea are:

Pier Lando Baldinelli – Orchestra Performing/Bass Guitar/Drum Scores/Vocals

Alessio Tolloi – Seven Strings Rhythmic Guitar/Guitar Solos

Cae Lys – Lead Vocals/Soprano Vocals/Back Vocals

Further details will be announced in next days.

Aqvilea website:


First AqvileA’s release from the album Beyond the Elysian Fields, produced by Fredrik Nordström and Pierlando Baldinelli, Aquae Sextiae is dedicated to the historical battle fought in 102 B.C. in the Gallia Narbonensis, where Romans under Gaius Marius defeated Teutones and Ambrones.

The outstanding soprano singer Cae Lys gives voice to a Teuton mother who faces the hardest day with his son… The short movie by director Diego Imakarum Caponetto brings you inside real History featuring the amazing reenactors from Legio VI Ferrata and from the Celtic Association “Tre Draghi”, following the chronicles written by Tito Livio till the legendary suicide of 300 Teuton women.

“Aquae Sextiae is the most epic and powerful debut act we could imagine, the way we mean “cinematic metal” says Pier Lando Baldinelli. The video is available on Youtube while the song can be purchased in all the digital stores.